Crocante Bakery Menu

All our products are baked daily and we use only the finest ingredients

Media Lunas


(Mini Sweet Croissant)     $1.75

Margaritas, Vigilantes and Dulce de Leche Croissant $1.99

Chocolate Croissant     $1.99

Facturas      (by the dozen)     $18


  • Beef (Chopped Beef with olives and eggs)

  • Saltena Regular or Spicy (Ground Beef with potatoes and eggs)

  • Chicken

  • Spinach and cheese

  • Cheese

Empanadas     $2.99 each      By dozen  $2.75 each  



Sandwiches de Miga


Crustless Sandwiches

Ham and Cheese     $2.75    (by the dozen)     $30.00

Surtidos     (by the dozen)     $33.00 (Special Order)




Lorraine: Classic French Style Quiche

Spinach & Ricotta Quiche

(Larger size available on special orders, 2 days notice minimum)


Mini Quiche   $5.99

Quiche         8”   $24.99             10”   $34.99